JawBreaker Crate Game - How it works - PLEASE READ
-Crates contain multiple prizes and giveaway entries!
-Opening JawBreaker Crates is 100% FREE!
-You get 6 free Crate Game Keys everyday at 12:00am EST!
-5 Prize Categories (Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, Black Market)
-All prizes are valid for ALL platforms
-Gameflip account required. Click here to setup an account
-Valid e-mail address is required.
-Giveaway drawings are at the end of each month

Example of prize: You open a crate and land on Black Market. A prize is displayed on the left of the spinner. If you receive a Giveaway Entry for Heatwave, you have 1 entry into the Heatwave Giveaway. If you land on 5 of the same giveaway entries, you have 5 entries for the Giveaway.

3 Easy Steps to Register (it only takes a minute):
ALL steps required to open FREE crates everyday and win prizes:

1. Verified Gameflip account required: Click here

2. Subscribe to JawBreaker's YouTube Channel. Click here

Once Gameflip account has been verified and subbed to channel

3. Create a JawBreaker Crate Game account
-Must use valid e-mail address. This is how I contact you to send your prizes

Crate Game Registration

Verified Gameflip account required to win prizes - Click here to setup an account

Subscribe to JawBreaker's YouTube - Click Here