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Allow Community input/ideas into Rocket League Items for Crates and Season Rewards

Dear Psyonix... it is time. We love this game, there's no doubt about that this is OUR game and we want to help. I have not personally seen a stronger community that bonds together, plays together, and helps each other as much as the Rocket League community has and does. But we need to have a serious discussion about the recent Rocket League items that are coming out of the Pysonix studios. I'm not sure if you only have 1 designer making the Rocket League items for crates and season rewards, but stop it.

Starting with the Accelerator crate, it seems like everything just started going down hill. No black markets, terrible looking exotics, popcorn goal explosion... really? WTF. I understand you try to tailor to all ages but really, fidget spinner wheels and dabbing reapers? What are we, 6? These were terrible ideas, months behind the hype of both, which just makes them look lame and bandwagoning (is that a word?).

So how do we fix this. I'm glad you asked Psyonix... WE can fix it. Have you seen some of the ideas that the community has come up with? Even creating images and videos of in game concepts. THEY ARE RIDICULOUS and easily blow away anything Psyonix has come out with in the past 4 crates. Let me list a few for you just so you can get a taste.

Blackhole Wheels:
Synergy Wheels:
Widow Wheels:
Infinity Mirror Wheels:

Black Market Decals:

Black Market Goal Explosions:

The list goes on and on. The community cares, the community wants you to succeed which continues the growth of the game for us and you get money to buy a yacht. Both ways, everyone is happy.

This is a petition to make Psyonix allow a community input crate. We want to submit our ideas/concepts and allow us to vote on what the next crate contents will be. (and NO, not another PCC crate but new content)

Thank You,

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